Spring is in the air….cue…new season flowers! One of our favs is the Ranunculus. Available in a variety of colours, Ranunculus produce a luscious multi-petaled flower.

Translated in Latin, the name Ranunculus means ‘little frog’.

There are about 600 species of Ranunculus within the family. Members of the genus include Buttercups, Spearworts and Water Crowfoots. Ranunculus are native to the Eastern Mediterranean region, South Western Asia, South Eastern Europe and North East Africa.

Guide to Growing

Ranunculus bulbs have a claw like appearance and are frost hardy, making them easy to grow. The bulbs are dry and hard in appearance and then soften and plump up once they absorb moisture.

For planting choose a location that is in full sun and make sure the soil is well drained – if the bulbs absorb too much moisture they will turn to mush.  After planting, water thoroughly and apply mulch.

Cut Flowers

As cut flowers, Ranunculus are long lasting – yet another reason to love them! Flower preservative can be added to the vase to lengthen their lifespan once cut.

Ranunculus are versatile and are perfect for a range of arrangements from rustic designs to delicate wedding bouquets. Whimsical and elegant, these fairy-tale blooms are a popular choice…