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The Assassin

How many years have you been involved in the industry?

I have been a qualified, professional florist for 16 years. During my career, I have had the pleasure of working in the hills, suburbs and the city. I have represented our state at a national level and competed in various other design competitions – and won some too! I have also had the privilege of demonstrating for the general public, industry peers and the Floral Art Council of Australia.

Favourite flower and why?

My favourite flower is the Anthurium from the Arum Family. I like the Anthurium because it is a glossy, heart shaped flower with a sleek line that is so easy to add to any creative design.

Favourite part of the industry?

I enjoy greeting and mingling with peers within our industry. With so much competition and a florist shop on every corner, I believe that it is a true character strength to appreciate and work with like minded people from other industry businesses.

What is your greatest inspiration?

My greatest, continual inspiration is the look of happiness, surprise and appreciation on each and every persons face that receives flowers as a gift. It almost seems immeasurable and is definitely priceless. I started my career to make people happy and it is wonderful to say that it still rings true today.
What is your most memorable flower moment?

When I was 16, my boyfriend had 12 yellow roses in a bouquet delivered to me….. it was that moment that changed my life.

katy perry